Missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft” was the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes this morning during my morning ritual, swiping away on my phone.

I couldn’t even spare a second to have my eyes fully opened and I quickly did a Google search.

Then I learnt that it’s not a KUL/SYD route (ok, I don’t need to rush back to the terminal); but it’s a KUL/PEK flight and I was alarmed immediately.

Next thing I know was I texted my siblings to see if my aunt was traveling (as she does travel on that route frequently). And thank God, my aunt was already in Shanghai.

But that doesn’t mean I lose interest in following this news.

In fact, I spent my entire day following this incident closely. Why? Because this is something close to my heart – it’s my countrymen, a reputable airline and the industry I’m in. Many of my friends’ friends are affected.

I’ve been really unsettling throughout the day. I don’t know anyone personally, crew or passengers, but I just feel so deeply for the families and friends of everyone onboard.

As I was reading countless news articles, tweets and Facebook feeds, I was getting annoyed and frustrated.

After numerous world events and negative impacts of speculations, some people still did not learn and engage the power of social media in a really disastrous way.

They are dangerous platforms where rumours could easily be treated as ‘truth’ and get spread around rapidly at no mercy. Simply a ‘retweet’ function would do the job, and do it pretty darn well in disseminating unverified statements.

“While I believe everyone is very concerned and anxious about the #MH370 incident, please allow the Airline and relevant authorities ample time to gather and confirm updates. Don’t spread unnecessary, unconfirmed info. Be more sensitive for the families of those crew and passengers on board. It could have been anyone of us with any airlines. 

Also, I think it is fair to say that Malaysia Airlines is doing a good job in this time of crisis for keeping everyone informed. It has been about 15 hours this happened, yes it could seem really long but it also could take days before the authorities can confirm anything. Hence, please, be more understanding and show more empathy. 


This is exactly what I posted on my Facebook status. I’m flustered how insensitive and ignorant some people can be.

I’m no aviation expert nor authority, but you would have thought people would have known that the pilots have nothing to do with the federal government’s competency.

This incident is a completely different issue from the recent political drama in Malaysia. Also I had unfortunately unfriended some people on Facebook because of the nonsensical things they posted, mocking, making fun of the situation – showing zero sign of empathy to everyone affected by this sudden, mysterious disappearance of an aircraft.

It’s impossible to have everyone thinking on the same page or sharing thoughts along the same (similar) lines.

However, in times of crisis like this, it’s really a no-brainer to show empathies and support to those who are affected one way or another.

I won’t even provide examples of silly things I’ve read so far, it’s infuriating.

I wished there are more we could do for #MH370.

But at the moment, by just being there for people who are affected by it (and not make nonsensical comments), I’m sure they would appreciate it.

Not to speculate and spread unconfirmed information will be of big, big help as well, to keep everyone in the sanity check and not overthinking. Also, pray.

All of our thoughts and prayers are with the folks working extremely hard at Malaysia Airlines, relevant authorities, Search And Rescue teams, and most importantly, thoughts and prayers with the families of crew and passengers onboard MH370.

This has been such a heavy-hearted Saturday. I can only hope, hope that some (good) news will come our way really soon.

*Will attempt to update this post regularly as I follow through this episode…

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